Big Data and its environment has become a trends 2017

Big Data and its environment has become a trend 2017

Big Data is already a trend

Last time we talked about the role of large amounts of data in the health sector, and the reaction to the article was nothing less than phenomenal. This time we decided to actually use a whole section of the working environment that really connects with Big data, design of the industry’s large amounts of data and large data volumes to offer. We will discuss the impact of large amounts of data in startups and small and medium enterprises (SME) enterprises.
The growing interest in big data and its potential to affect almost all industries, added the solution for all companies. Today, small businesses can take advantage of the vast amounts of information online and offline with intelligent decisions based on data, to grow their business. As technologies mature and many companies framework for processing data and learn to organize in this new context, SMEs might reap a lighter moment to find some of the benefits. While most discussion of big data on big companies all the resources to hire scientific data and data research company, there are several ways that small businesses can collect relevant data and analyze and make sense of the data they already have.

SME large data

Technology is only a resource, and only when people transform resources into products or services that are the true value of organizations created. Creating value from large amounts of data is no exception. A big advantage for SMEs is that many of the technologies used for processing large amounts of data is open source, so a large part of the investment is needed in technology. Moreover, these technologies are open source, there are many tutorials, training materials, and forums all available online, providing cheap development skills within the organization.
Therefore, the resources saved by investing in technology and education, are better used for collecting data, creating a business plan and adapt the strongest company to be created. This approach may be more effective and value added competition with large pockets of large companies in the pursuit of scientific data on the labor market.

Personal service

Big Data, changed the rules of customer satisfaction, commercial and business activities and create new opportunities and challenges for SMEs. Data streams in real time using Analytics in SMEs will increase. New knowledge and a deeper understanding of customer needs to change the way the general rules of the company. Personal and real-time guidance brings back the personal service. SMEs affordable access to data reinvent personal service. SME e-commerce can anticipate with an intelligent use of data and meet customer needs, without human intervention. show fingerprints buying patterns of customers, preferences and interests – the same information that you can know a man with traditional local business through personal interaction with their customers on a frequent basis. SMEs can use this information to personalize offers and products, as well as a local businessman could do.

The effect of the data

The availability of data and analysis Revolution improved light opportunities for new businesses and SMEs to find new ways to leverage the power of the growing backlog of existing digital data. This huge opportunities generated through the collection and analysis of data created every day new companies. The power of data may require any organization that is willing to do it, it will happen regardless of the size of the organization. The use of digital data and analysis tools allow SMEs to expand their products and services and create new ones. Managers can now measure radically more about your business, and use this knowledge to improve improve strategy and performance.
Each company has started as a start. Previously, large data volumes and the potential derived from the exclusive domain of statisticians, multinational companies and IT departments. The easy availability of data and analysis of open source – known documentation of data – enabling SMEs to access tools affordable and useful based on data and analysis systems.

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