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Confirm two new features of the iPhone 8

iPhone 8

Rumors are one of the things that feed the world of technology steadily, every day new rumors arise that may or may not end up being true. Many times they are simple inventions to gain popularity, but many others are even strategic marketing moves to raise the excitement around a device.


One of the most popular phones is the iPhone, and leaks are always present around a new presentation, but today one of the most important and reputed media in the United States takes for granted two new features of the iPhone 8 Or iPhone X: curved display and USB Type-C port.


From the first rumor it seemed that it would arrive sooner rather than later. It is already official that Samsung will manufacture 160 million OLED panels for the new iPhone, although taking as a reference that Apple sells about 200 million phones a year, will be two of the three models that will introduce those that will carry this type of screen, to Less that Apple is considering a significant increase in sales on the iPhone commemorating the tenth anniversary of its flagship product.


Apple patent could confirm end of Home button on iPhone

However, the Wall Street Journal says that not only will be OLED screens, but also double-edge screens, exactly the same as we see today with the Galaxy S7 Edge. A risky but interesting move by Apple, which is very reserved when it comes to adding features to their new phones, so this will be a year in which the iPhone can boast one of the best screens on the market designed by its Korean archrival.


But one of the things that has taken us by surprise is that the same medium ensures that the new iPhone will not again include Lightning port for which they had bet from the iPhone 5, instead they will adopt the same port as other manufacturers, USB Type-C, this port brings a lot more advantages than Apple, but it takes away something that the company values ​​a lot, exclusivity.


This decision seems to come after the amount of problems that many users have with Lightning ports Apple, so despite the problem of exclusivity, Apple customers may be more grateful for this change.


The Wall Street Journal also stresses that this year there will be three new iPhone models, the 7s, 7s Plus and iPhone X, or iPhone 8, the latter would be the only one with the curved screen, and the first to test the USB Type C .


What material will the next iPhone be?

But something that would have the 3 in common is that they will not come with the traditional home button at the bottom of the front, and although no details were given on how Apple plans to replace them, a short time ago we met a company patent that removed this classic button And replaced it with a gesture area to have a better interaction with the phone.


If this is Apple’s solution, it would become the first phone of the year (so far) to include the fingerprint reader directly on the screen.


Among other things not yet confirmed is the face scanner, the wireless charge and the price that could reach up to a thousand dollars, about 20 thousand Mexican pesos to change today.

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