facebook and snapchat

Is facebook really copying Snapchat?

Facebook and Snapchat ?


People are adopting another way of sharing in social networks: This is what can explain the constant changes that Facebook has been doing and lets us see that it has been adopting many of the characteristics of Snapchat.

It feels sure that Facebook has an “inspiration” from the Snapchat last met, and many of its new products and features have seemed rather familiar. From now on, they have taken a little lazy approach to innovation, but I think it is actually reflected with the same basic reason to fight the chat snap: fundamental change as people share social media.
In his early days, Snap-Chat Coy stereotype was a way to help young people share intimate photos with each other, which would destroy themselves their long-term modesty. There was the platform a daring vocation but was never a realistic explanation why the app was catching it, not least because it was always quite easy to solve this “security”. The magic of the app was not that it could not guarantee secret positions were never seen again, but by every day more photos soon forget it relaxed exchange be promoted.
Whether consciously or not chat snap was the perfect counterpart to one of the great “millennial” pressure -. Public Durability of Social Media Growing up in a world of Facebook & Instagram Likes is a world where you have to constantly put on your best self and in anticipation of further judgment. Anything you share in your profile immediately and evaluated publicly and then kept as a permanent record. I am sure that we have done all the things or worn things have in our childhood, we are now only a distant memory happy.
My younger cousin will post a picture about the head he breaks on Instagram posting – takes several different versions, apply different filters, often even leave the project completely if he is not satisfied with the result. At the same time he would have sent and received a dozen snaps, casually sharing something funny that attracts his attention, or reacting to a frivolous picture his friend just posted. Pressed for these positions are completely removed is perfect.
Although Snap chat users can feel quite strange for the first time, it is actually much more in line with how we usually communicate. We say things, hear the people as they, the people decide whether to respond or not, and then the first thing we said, fades. No one writes and archives every conversation they have, or each line Quip they do throughout the day. If every conversation you had been allowed to be allowed, only the distant friends later many weeks looked up and re-experienced, we would probably all think twice before to say anything. It is this insight and core shift in the parts that Faction has fought against not necessarily as a platform to hold (as previously only really challenged them under certain demographics in some important markets).
The change in attitude is certainly not the case only either among young people. In recent years, the discussion of all kinds have slowly moved away from the public Facebook walls direct messages or WhatsApp groups. My “That day” flashbacks to a decade may feel quite shrill when they dig a direct conversation between me and a friend who play publicly on my wall. These days a friend or family member will almost always send something interesting to me with one of these more private messages, rather than sending them to all on a wall to see but is harmless.
The move not only reflects improvements and broader use of these messaging platforms, but also a growing sense that we are overarching our core social network that really, there are things we would rather discuss with certain groups of people we know much more intimate. Google also saw this and tried to introduce the concept of “Circles” of different contacts in its own G + social networking, but because you could not trust all your friends to be active that it never really took off.
The slowdown of the public posting is an on-recognized problem on Facebook as a decrease known in “Original-sharing”. News agencies are today more my news sites and viral videos are dominated than they are really personal updates from friends. Through various prompts (think of pop-ups at the top of your news feed or memories of a friend’s birthday) and even through advertising (especially a big boost to Facebook living in some markets over Christmas) they’ve tried people too Share more, but ultimately their greatest response is more nuanced to try to offer for people to share their own conditions, Snapchat ha sido una inspiraci├│n ├║til.

With the acquisition of WhatsApp Messenger and fragmentation, Facebook had equipped itself to master the messaging, but chat continued to show growth that there was no average lost to them. The introduction of plants Instagram is perhaps the most effective response to this challenge so far – to build a broad public have already been committed, but them the opportunity not only to show to give the most perfect moments of the day, but more reality to them around. It seems to have been both a great success for the regular and large user influential, and also seeking such an experience or even built Facebook Messenger is undoubtedly to start circulating.
For a while Snapchat still had a bit of a monopoly crazy lens filter and effects that are also a great incentive for people to share more. So MSQRD start as an independent competitor appeared, offering similar effects, but with the ability to share a variety of platforms – Facebook response was, they also buy. Just before Christmas the power of integration actually opened when the messenger launched a series of its own application of its own festive lenses.
The pale yellow spirit brooch Chat certainly still a fresco Facebook and business expansion glasses father to examine its vision to be a company of the camera, is not a social network attractive. Facebook Trumpf remains its great existing customer base and the truly global; One that brings this kind of functionality right away for one of its basic applications, the best part of a billion people can get you going. With the two companies to a new consumer behavior to try to reshape, to see who can bring innovation really fresh, remains as we in 2017 the head, we expect several forms of sharing and not less of the time-to-face.

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