Huawei set your numbers to reach the top of “smartphones”

Among other things, the Consumer Business Group (CBG), the consumption of the Chinese technology giant Huawei Business Unit, showed the data, annual growth expected in 2016, its commitment in 2017 to reach the top of the global market for “smartphones” too support.


Last year, the group achieved sales of 178 billion RMB (Renminbi, the Chinese currency), an increase of 42% over the previous year, to achieve steady growth for the fifth year in a row.


Transmission of “smartphones” reached 139 million units, up 29% year on year. According to IDC the total increase as the shipment of “smart” mobile phones was only 0.6% in 2016, which means that the performance of Huawei is higher than the market in general.


Richard Yu, CEO of the unit, said in a report that the company iProfesional sent that “despite the difficult market conditions, Huawei CBG continues to grow with a leading company in the industry. This can be attributed to our specific approach to the user Dedicated to creating significant innovation as well as our ongoing commitment to build a premium brand and strengthen our global channels and service capabilities. “


In 2017, he announced that the supply chain, channels, R & D, services and various areas will be strengthened for necessary operations, “improve the effectiveness of our decision-making and implementation, drive our internationalization strategy so proactively forward our future.”


Focus on innovation
As the global industry slows down “smartphones,” the Asian company is building its leading product leadership and innovation strands to become pioneers in the development of critical technology areas.


In 2016, Huawei CBG focused major innovation on the development on the Android operating system making significant progress based on its EMUI version), dual chamber technology and artificial intelligence.


For the operating system, R & D in the company an optimization of Android. On the basis of this work, he presented EMUI 5.0, software that integrates with Kirin chipset and contains more than 20 patented technologies from Huawei.


This includes an optimized distribution of the resources controlled by an intelligent learning system and further optimization applications of Android system failure to solve long-term performance of the operating system from Google.


As for photography, Chinese and Leica companies jointly developed two generations of dual camera in 2016, which is a new trend in photography of “smartphones” and new standards for picture quality popular for Huawei series P9 and Mate-9 at the Consumers.


In September 2016 Huawei Innovation Lab founded Max Berek with Leica, who will carry out joint research and development in optics, image processing algorithms, virtual reality and augmented reality.


As for artificial intelligence, focused on the perception, cognitive and computational intelligence, create a system based on the collaboration between the software, the device and the cloud system.


Huawei also achieves technological advances in areas such as sensor algorithms, computer vision, search engines, semantic understanding, and situation intelligence that can provide users with intelligent services in different scenarios. A desktop search feature has also been launched, which allows users to get more results in less time and with greater success.


Thanks to these technological advances the flagship products such as P9 Mate Honor 9 and 8 achieved worldwide recognition to consumers.
Global transfers of Huawei and P9 P9 plus over 10 million units, which are the first flagship Huawei units on sale.


Mate Series 9, which was launched in November 2016 sales in the first two months by 50% higher than the Mate-8 at the same time.


Meanwhile, consumers take ecosystem-based Huawei cloud services form in China, provide global business opportunities for developers, and form an ecosystem of software.


The CBG company has more than 200 million mobile users in the cloud and more than 220,000 registered developers.


Channels and complementary services


The company has invested in building their global channels, brand and service infrastructure to create greater user satisfaction and positive perception of the brand.


In the areas before and after sales, he created five global service centers to support 105 countries through telephone lines dedicated service. It also has more than 460 branches services around 45 countries around the world.


According to information from the research consultant IPSOS, Huawei ranked as the number 1 in the satisfaction of the users of China, Poland, Mexico and Egypt.


The App Store distributes a total of 45 billion apps. It provides security as a guarantee mechanism 4 layers of security, including proper name verification developers, system tests, human verification and reporting users, who was responsible for more than 240,000 applications in 2016 risky.


As for the channels, it improves its channel capacity open market and its market share in this year rose to 71%, an increase of 13% compared to 2015. The worldwide sales network has more than 70,000 stores.


For brand building, in 2016, he launched marketing campaigns worldwide covering areas such as design, fashion, entertainment, sports and other areas of resonance in the various life forms of our markets.


The company successfully recruited for the global football icon Lionel Messi, as a brand ambassador and Hollywood stars Scarlett Johansson and Henry Cavill as ambassadors for P9. It also cooperates with the international platform High Fashion, Fashion and other events of fashion week.

Hwaei and Leonel Messi

Brand value was recorded to the extent that appeared on the list of Inter Top 100 Global Brands, at number 72, and entered the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands in 50.


According to IPSOS research, Huawei’s global brand awareness increased from 76% in 2015 to 81% in 2016.


The treatment and preference for these Chinese companies of global users increased by 66.7% and 100% compared to 2015.


Intelligent design, art and many special qualities and “strong innovation” are the key words that linked global users “smartphones” Huawei.


Research also shows that 31% of global brand users include 30% higher income in the respective countries to decile.





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