Instagram re-copies Snapchat

Instagram re-copies Snapchat

Instagram has announced a new feature pack for its application. The most outstanding is the option of adding ornaments to the photographs, in the style of what Snapchat was already doing with its augmented reality filters.


They have also introduced the option to insert hashtag to stories (videos and photos that have a limited duration of 24 hours) and a draft that removes details from a photograph accurately and without being over-emphasized retouching on the original.


These filters are one of the most popular features of Snapchat and one of the last ones that the social network of photographs has included. It is not the first or much less (surely, not the last), since they already copied the format of ephemeral publications. This has proved to be a perfect method to steal user: Instagram Stories already outnumber Snapchat in unique users.


Instagram masks, as they are officially called, fit the faces you identify on the cameras and will work regardless of whether you use the front or the back. In this way, it is possible to add moving rabbit ears or animated math equations to a video or a ‘selfie’.


These new Instagram options are just a small expression of the augmented reality technology that Facebook is building and about which it has already talked about in the past on several occasions.

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