Samsung Galaxy s8 y s8+ Officially available

It’s official Samsung Galaxy S8 with virtual assistant

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd publicly unveiled its Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile reference phone as it struggles to regain the leadership it lost to Apple Inc. after the embarrassing withdrawal of its failed device Note 7.
With one of the biggest curved screens ever made, the long-awaited S8 is the first premium handset of the South Korean tech giant since the October 7 debacle, which cut $ 5.48 billion in profits and helped Apple outperform Samsung as the The world’s top mobile phone maker in the fourth quarter.


Two versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8 – internally known as the Dream code – were unveiled Wednesday at a media event in New York, with curved screens of 15.75 and 14.73 centimeters, the largest to date for premium mobile phones Samsung.


Smartphones, which are scheduled to go on sale April 21, are somewhat larger, but comparable in width with their predecessors, as Samsung removed almost all frames around the screen to maximize the surface area. They have achieved a Ratio of 83.3% in S8 and 83.9% in S8 +. Many do not exaggerate to say that it is almost all screen.


Features of the New Samsung Galaxy S8

In the rear camera is 12 megapixels and the front eight, in both cases with an aperture of 1.7, very bright. And supported by software like intelligent autofocus, facial recognition or the multi-image processor, it takes three images and combines them into an improved one.


The New Samsung Galaxy S8 is water resistant.

The New Samsung Galaxy S8 is water resistant.

It has several biometric authentication systems; Which replace passwords such as fingerprints, iris sensor and facial.
The battery is 3,000 milliamperes in the S8 and 3,500 in the case of S8 +.
They come with Exynos processor that have a performance 10% higher than the S7 CPU and 21% more graphics power. In certain markets, the processor will be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835. Both cases have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, expandable with SD memory cards up to 256.


The S8 includes Samsung’s new artificial intelligence service, Bixby, which runs on a voice assistant system similar to Apple’s Siri. There is also a new facial recognition application, which allows users to unlock devices just by looking at them.


The Samsung company hopes that the design update and new tools will be enough to revive sales in a year that Apple could introduce big changes to its iPhones on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, including the curved screens that have become a symbol of Galaxy.


The S8 is also crucial for Samsung’s image as a reliable manufacturer of mobile devices. The Galaxy Note 7s, affected by autocombustion cases, had to be withdrawn in October, just two months after its launch.
The firm responded by implementing new safety measures on its batteries, after an internal investigation found that the cause of Note 7’s problems came from two different suppliers of these sources of energy.


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