The payment function is now available on Facebook Messenger

The payment function is now available on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger introduced the Group Payments tool on Tuesday, a function whereby in the middle of a group conversation on the platform you can send or request money to some or all members of the group to pay, for example, the bill for a dinner.


“Whether you’re splitting the dinner bill or collecting money for gas for a weekend trip, Group Payments on Facebook Messenger makes sending and receiving money faster and easier within a group,” The messenger service said in a statement.


The option to send and receive money through Facebook Messenger is available from 2015, but it is only after the Group Payments exit that iOS and Android users can perform the same function in group conversations. “It’s free, simple, fast and secure,” Messenger said in his blog.

How can I use the payments function or Group Payments in Facebook Messenger

To use the tool you have to touch the plus sign (+) located in the lower left corner of a Facebook Messenger conversation. In the menu that moves locate the sign ($) and choose who to send or request money. Then enter the amount of money that you want to request each person or the total amount so that all contribute the same.


You can specify what the money is for or not. And finally the “Request” button is pressed. Then, in the window of the conversation in Messenger will appear a message when a member of your contribution. At any time you can see the details of the application.


Messenger boss David Marcus said that “after launching the person-to-person payment request in Messenger two years ago” his team is very pleased with the launch of Group Payments as a very useful tool for users. “You can use it right in the same place where you are already carrying out your plans,” he added.


The tool is available, for the moment, only in the United States. According to the website “TechCrunch”, Facebook profiles its platform in this market as a payment business, although the social network has denied it justifying itself in that the goal is to make Messenger a ‘place’ more utilitarian.

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