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See what’s new in WhatsApp

The evolution of WhatsApp continues its unstoppable course. Now owned by Facebook, this messaging application begins to incorporate features of Messenger and other similar services. The stickers are on the way down as well as another novelty, a WhatsApp embedded search engine.


This is revealed by the last leak, performed through the usual WABetainfo channel. It seems that the stickers and the possibility of sharing the location in real time will add an icon finder. Just enter “flamenca” in the search box, WhatsApp will retrieve the corresponding emoji.


According to WABetainfo, the service is already available in version 2.17.202, although in a hidden way and without optional availability for all users who so desire.


Almost total security this novelty will come first to the beta version of the application, which you can access through this link. Subsequently it will be deployed worldwide, with no specific date yet. Nevertheless and considering that the rate of leaks has increased everything seems to indicate that the great update of WhatsApp will arrive soon.


The current version is the result of the incorporation of the states, an option that seems to have been much more successful in the application of messaging than in Facebook, where the number of people who use them is close to zero, unlike Instagram.


The search engine emojis is a service that surprises because it is not one of the great demands of the users. Having started to try before others means that Facebook gives some features priority regardless of their preferences.


Is it the wrong way for a messaging app? It is possible, especially considering that the criticisms towards Messenger emphasize its complexity and the overloaded functions that nobody uses.

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