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The 7 Technology Trends To Define Our World In 2017

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Big data. The Internet of Things. Virtual reality. Industry 4.0. The increase in 2016 and all the basic areas of innovation, and we are probably the best out of this trend in the coming year and hope to continue.


Honestly, possibly, the year of 2017, when many of these technologies will hit the mainstream – the largest and most tech-friendly corporate executive teams with budgets, rather than into the company. A strong increase in the availability of technology provided “as-a-service” cloud platform, and affordable sensors and display technology, in the form of hardware enhancements, the reality of the information-driven enterprise “democratization” should help to bring over the years, has become fashionable to talk.
So here is my original predictions for the next year through a run. Organizations that want to stay ahead of the curve to make sure they want to explore all the options specified by this trend.

Smart devices will actually be wise

Thanks to machine learning, such as watches, home appliances and entertainment, and even infrastructure such as intelligent lighting and wiring devices, will finally live in their name. After all, even though we are a decade or so phones “smartphones” have to say now, it’s probably more accurate (though less catchy) their “multi-tasking phones” will have to say.

In Siri or Google OS, as well as integrating their AI is truly “smart” is the first step toward making. And of course, we can expect to see more of this in the coming year. Hope automated personal assistant feature becomes more active and intelligent, and smart home lighting, security and air conditioning as well IOT devices conform to how we want to treat it.

Increases the cost of software, hardware costs down

Corporate spending increasingly more and more features are available as software infrastructure is being put into, “as a service” through the cloud providers. At the same time hardware costs – partly due to the increase in off-site service takes place, and partly as servers and storage, cheaper and more expensive customized hardware solutions, because of a preference for commodity hardware. This trend throughout 2017. The analysts at Gartner have estimated that the total IT spending will reach $ 3.5 trillion in the coming years will continue.

We have less time and spend more time in the virtual to the real world

Many of the mass market with the technologically advanced headset, consumer devices from different manufacturers for the first time as the annual V got their first taste. PV industry is growing in popularity for several years now, though, it is mainly large companies with limited budgets to build bespoke systems and software. With mass-market devices become available, and a growing body of open source software, users can design their own worlds and realities, hopes its range (and augmented reality) to expand significantly in 2017.

Unstructured data will start to give her secret

Most organizations, Unstructured data is available for the vast majority – call logs, e-mails, transcripts, video and audio data while easily universally valuable insights into the format of rows and columns to a full quantitative analysis is straightforward. Such as image recognition, and natural language processing area with the progress of sentiment analysis, this information started to give her secret, and extraction of 2017. It will be the organization’s increasingly big business opportunity, for example, to automate the analysis of hundreds of hours of customer service phone calls and almost with the answer to the question “what progress we must give priority to increasing customer satisfaction.” Services offer access to this kind of technology, cost-effective cloud providers are increasingly accessible via the medium and small companies make up the largest part of our economy are taking them.

Block chain technology will begin to show its usefulness

Distribution of financial technology that powers the digital currency Bitcoin block chain, but has been touted as potentially revolutionary online payment and contracts. Gartner predicts that in 2022 one block of a value chain based business $ 10 billion will be available. We are already out of the big banks are starting to see movement in and around the block chain. What should begin to appear in 2017, block the chain of IOT applications, device technologies based around potential. Smart, automatic laser tracking and hundreds, thousands or millions of connected devices and virtual processes which are ideal for logging in to the network.

Several organizations will discover their Digital Twin

Digital Twin” is a phrase that we should expect to hear more in 2017 First of all, because the increase is thinking that performance and affordability and accuracy of the sensors in the calculation are most things simulated on a computer these days A high degree of precision. Organizations are no different, and building a digital twin, along with computer simulations of all your processes, a sandbox provides for experimenting with drive change. The data used to build the two can also serve as an input to extended predictive analytics, so the probable result of changes in the procedures and processes are examined in a secure simulated environment.

We will at the same time get used to the thought, in two places of being

Telepresence combines ideas from VR / AR and the digital twin concept for effectively putting a human being in two places at the same time. Drones and remote control devices will be increasingly used to expand our immediate sphere of influence outside the range of our own hands and arms. Surgery can be performed remotely by a surgeon to control a robot or remote surgical instruments, and unmanned vehicles and equipment are increasingly used at access points that are “dangerous to our health, or as they are capable of even more rapid Than we are”. The simplest applications are remote sessions that take place in a virtual environment (eg, Skype), but using technology to create the impression or effect all present. More advanced applications are no limits, from exploring space to the bottom of the oceans in a completely safe but appealing way.

One thing is sure about 2017 will be another year where tech innovations represent great opportunities and challenges for all businesses on the planet.


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