WhatsApp allows send messages offline

WhatsApp allows you to send messages offline

WhatsApp once again surprised its millions of users across the planet Apple with one of the most requested features: the ability to send messages with an iPhone without having an Internet connection.


Like Android Smartphones, the update package 2.17.1 allows the user to write messages and leave them “sent” in the recipient’s chat until the access to the data network or to an Internet connection is restored.


But this is not the only novelty of the Facebook-owned messaging service. There is also the possibility of sending up to 30 files in a massive way, be they photos or videos, a change that left behind the previous limitations of the iPhone.


In addition, WhatsApp’s new iOS update completely redesigned file storage management. The user can access the photos, videos and documents sent by each chat and delete them directly from their respective category. Undoubtedly, this new feature will benefit those who have little space in the phone’s internal memory.


On the other hand, users anxious for the latest developments in the application and have an Android phone, can do so by signing up for the program to receive beta versions of the application on this website. Once enrolled, they will receive an app update through the Google Play Store.

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