Stories arrive to WhatsApp states update snapchat video image gifs share

Stories arrive to WhatsApp states

WhatsApp States

Until now, WhatsApp only allowed a small text, such as “I am busy”, for those who saw our profile. However, the new WhatsApp states go much further.


The main characteristic of the WhatsApp States is that they will be deleted after 24 hours, and while they are available, they can be seen by other users in a special channel for States.


The update has already begun to be made available to iOS, Android and Windows Phone users in the Netherlands and France, but in the next few days it will be reaching the rest of the world.


How States Work

States are messages that can be viewed by our WhatsApp contacts, just as they were in the BlackBerry Messenger of BlackBerry phones.


This new feature is located in the main WhatsApp menu, up to the next tab of Chats and Calls. From there you can see the states of other users or create one to share.


States can be updated and edited. You can also respond to messages in the states of other users.


In a state you can share texts, photos, videos and GIFs -animations-, and these can be added emojis. Before publishing, you can select whether they will only be read by our contacts, or by specific people that we select.


As our contacts increase their states, they will appear above, with the most recent being displayed first.

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